Terms & Conditions

Approval of Terms and Conditions

www.BookinEasy.com (hereinafter called “the system”) is a service provided by BookinEasy Software Pty  Ltd. (hereinafter called BookinEasy registered in South Africa. The subscription holder (hereinafter called “the customer”) of the system accepts these terms and conditions during registration by checking the box in the registration form on the BookinEasy website. BookinEasy are also in the business of creating “customer partner platforms” to help their customer partners generate income, promote BookinEasy system and to provide support to the final guests and customers Guests in this contract represents a website user looking for accommodation and are also clients. Suppliers in this contract are accommodation providers that list their property on the BookinEasy.com site or any of the BookinEasy Partner Platform sites and are also clients. BookinEasy.com shall provide their partners with a platform to list accommodation such as hotels, game lodges, guest houses, B&Bs, self-catering and homestays amongst others in their towns or areas of specialisation. The clients accept the services rendered in the specifications determined by this agreement. The services shall comply and correspond with the specifications in this agreement.

BookinEasy may occasionally adjust the terms and conditions. By continuing to use the system after those changes are made, the customer is expressing and acknowledging his acceptance of the changes.


Scope and Use

The subscription gives the customer the right to use the system. The right to use the subscription is held by the customer that signed the subscription, and the subscription cannot be used by others or for data processing for others. The customer is only entitled to use the system for the intended purposes. In case of abuse, the subscription will be terminated without warning.


Terms of Payment and Invoicing

Bookings are considered confirmed in the following circumstances: the client enters their credit card details – which are tokenized and stored in a PCI compliant manner – off-site. The client makes a booking using the BookinEasy provided payment gateway and lastly if the guest makes the booking using the payfast payment gateway.


In all cases commission for the bookings will be invoiced at the end of the month. When the bookings originate from a partner platform, it is up to the partner to invoice the supplier the full commission and BookinEasy will invoice the partner directly.


Failure to settle the invoice within 14 days will result in the partner or supplier’s account being suspended, with a penalty fee to reinitiate the account/ platform. The account will be terminated after 30 days if no further action is taken.


The tourism office customer partners agree that the percentage or commission issued in relation to the services rendered shall be 15% in total. The Parties agree that 10% commission shall be share to the partner and 5% to BookingEasy.com.  Split as: 2/3 for the Tourism Partner and 1/3 for BookinEasy. The Tourism Partner  will invoice the accommodation supplier 15% directly and the partner will be invoiced at the end of the month for all commissionable bookings from the BookinEasy Partner Platform  5% of the total bookings.


Duration and Termination

BookinEasy.com and Partner Platforms at the time of this writing are all free to use, Bookings made without payment automatically expire within 24 hours if no payment is made.

Any booking enquiry or booking that originates from the BookinEasy site or any of the Partner Platforms is belongs to Bookineasy any suppliers found contacting the guests to book directly through other means will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Establishment Owners (suppliers) who choose to accept credit card details as booking confirmation accept that they are responsible to process the card details as soon as possible to avoid being billed commission for invalid card details. All bookings confirmed for over 24hours will be eligible for commission, even if they haven’t been processed by the suppliers.

While BookinEasy strive to create lasting relationships with Partners we also reserve the right to look after our best interests and the interests of all of the other partners, partners are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and best practices to ensure they do not bring the platform into disrepute. BookinEasy reserve the right to revoke the platform and license and reissue it to another more suitable party.

The customer may use the system as long as the account balance is not negative. Money paid into the account will not be refunded. The account may be terminated 60 days from when the account balance has gone negative or upon request from the customer.

The BookinEasy partner is responsible for promoting the platform through Offline and Online Marketing efforts, to both acquire establishments to list on the platform and encourage guests to make bookings on the site. Along with upholding the good name of BookinEasy . Any specific request to BookinEasy for additional functionality or services may be charged separately.

In the case of the customer partner tourism office both the guest and the platform belong to BookinEasy and cannot leave the platform without indemnity to BookinEasy.


Customer Data

The customer owns and may use the data as the customer see fit. Reservations are left in the system at least 18 months from check out date, but may thereafter be erased, unless already erased by the customer. Upon ending the subscription, the customer may export his data using the export functionality. The customer data will be deleted after 60 days if the subscription expires, and BookinEasy has no obligation to store data after this period.

BookinEasy strive to create a platform that can be of best service to its clients, as such we collect some basic information about guests so that we can provide them with a better service, such as knowing which kinds of hotels our guests prefer to stay at, whether its business or leisure travel, which areas they travel to and for how long. If they have any special requirements – all this information enables us to tailor special deals and inform our partners and suppliers to meet our clients requirements and makes Booking In Easy.


Operational Stability

BookinEasy aims for the highest possible operational stability, but is not responsible for any interruptions due to factors beyond BookinEasy control. Such interruptions include power failure, failure of equipment and connections, and the like. In any case, BookinEasy aims to return to normal operation as soon as possible.


Maintenance and System Changes

To provide the best service possible, BookinEasy may occasionally adjust or update the system. In such cases it may be necessary to temporarily shut down the system access. BookinEasy has the right to update and improve the system and also change functionality, as long as basic service is maintained, i.e. registration and management of reservations.



BookinEasy will announce any price increases at least three months in advance, except for those that may be required because of inflation, exchange rates, third-party price increases or other factors beyond BookinEasy control. New functionality such as additional modules or features can be priced separately.

In the case of customer partners the parties are agree to share the commission in the clauses said aforesaid in the anterior clause Terms of Payment and Invoicing.

The system is copyrighted and owned in full by BookinEasy. BookinEasy may at any time transfer its rights and obligations to third parties, provided that the third parties intend to continue to maintain the system according to these terms and conditions.

New functionality or specific service required from the BookinEasy Partner Platform such as additional modules or features can be priced separately.


Obligations of the Customer

The customer has the complete and full responsibility of the individual transactions and agreements entered into and managed through the system. The customer is responsible at all times for verifying that the information recorded or displayed in the system is correct. The customer must not act in a manner that adversely affects others’ ability to use the system, and the customer must not register offensive or misleading information.

The customer acknowledges that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, his sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the system, the third-party applications or the third-party application content is to stop using the system, the third-party applications or the third-party application content.


Obligations of BookinEasy

BookinEasy endeavors to provide the best service possible, but the customer understands and acknowledges that the system is provided “AS IS” without express or implied warranty or condition of any kind. The customer uses the system at own risk. BookinEasy disclaims any warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. BookinEasy is not responsible for damage caused by business interruption, loss of income, consequential damages or other indirect loss or damage.

BookinEasy does not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for any third-party applications, third-party application content, user content, or any other product or service advertised or offered by a third-party on or through the BookinEasy Platform or any hyperlinked website. The customer understands and acknowledges that BookinEasy is not responsible or liable for any transaction between the customer and third-party providers of third party applications or products or services advertised on or through BookinEasy’s system.


Usage of BookinEasy Channel Manager

The customer is responsible at all times to verify that room types are mapped correctly, and that bookings, rates and availability are updated correctly to and from booking channels. BookinEasy is not responsible for any loss of income or costs incurred by incorrect information being published to booking channels.

The customer understands that there is an inevitable risk of overbooking if a certain room is offered through multiple booking channels simultaneously, and the customer accepts full responsibility. Any overbookings or issues must promptly be handled and solved by the customer in cooperation with the booking channel.


Privacy and Data Protection

BookinEasy processes the customer data only for the customer and not for its own, non-relevant purposes. BookinEasy keeps all customer information confidential and will only disclose such information to a third party if BookinEasy deems it necessary and/or if it will benefit the customer. BookinEasy has taken all the reasonable precautions necessary to prevent that the system information by error or illegal action is destroyed, lost or accessed by any unauthorized party or abused.



Any dispute regarding these terms and conditions shall be entered in South African court.