Payment Options Payment Options

We currently offer 3 payment methods, which are chosen by our Establishment Supplier:

1. BookinEasy Payment Gateway.

Accommodation Suppliers who sign-up to use this payment gateway only pay the transaction fees (Bank Fees). With the balance being paid directly into their account 48hrs after it has cleared in the BookinEasy Merchant Account.

2. Accommodation Suppliers Payfast Account

Payment directly to the Accommodation Suppliers Payfast account.

3. Secure Credit Card Details

PCI compliant Credit Card Details Storage made available a limited number of times through Tokenization. This allows our establishment suppliers to minimize their transaction costs by processing the payments on their own credit card machines.

All Bookings are updated to confirmed upon successful completion of the payment process. Owners are required to complete their Credit Card Detail Storage payments within 48hrs to ensure the credit cards details are legititmate. False credit card details are saved on file along with the user details given during registration.