How to Book


Select type in your departure and arrival cities, enter your travel dates and number of passengers.


Compare available accommodations you can sort by price etc
Optional features include:
a) Search different days by using arrow tabs
b) Use filters on the left
c) Click on a hotel/ establishment for more information


Check and confirm your details, scroll down and select optional extras if required. Optional extras are determined by the establishments themselves and may include:
a) A bottle of bubbly
b) A complimentary SPA treatment
c) Flowers

From here you have the following options, depending on how the establishments have set themselves up. You can click Book Now and proceed to the checkout to make payment or you can click Make Booking Enquiry, where you can submit an enquiry to the establishment - they will be notified and when they reply with a quote you will be notified to login to the site and go to "My Enquiries" in your account page and either accept or decline the quote. If you accept the quote it will proceed to checkout.


Add passenger information for all travellers in the space provided directly under your summary


Complete payment with via the available payment options, these may include: Using the BookinEasy Payment Gateway, PCI compliant Credit Card detail storage or The establishments own Payfast account.


A confirmation page will appear to confirm your booking was successful. You will also be sent a confirmation email within 24 hours which contains all your booking details and important travel information.