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At we believe in creating win/win relationships. We are always looking for new Tourism Offices and Special Tour Operators (STOs) to partner with. Please click here if you are a Tourism Office or if you are a Tour Operator click here

Partnering with

For Tourism Offices:

We have developed a system where local tourism offices can generate an income to be of better service and relevance to both accommodation suppliers and guests. Tourism Partners benefit from a constantly evolving Internet Booking Engine where they earn a commission from each booking, these earnings are reinvested in the towns and cities where the establishments are based to go towards destination marketing, customer service and ultimately enable tourism offices to become profitable entities not dependant on state/ NGO funding.


For Special Tour Operators:

We have the technical know-how and the accommodation suppliers; your opportunity is in identifying niche markets and untapped opportunities and then presenting them to our accommodation suppliers, they can then “Opt-in” for your Partner Platform and agree to your commission terms. They then benefit from your Partner Platform Marketing efforts. So an example would be a Partner Platform for sales reps. You partner with us, we setup the platform according to your requirements (in this case a special rate + benefit for sales reps – which might look something like: 2 Nights for 20% off + Dinner / for a registered user type) and you market it then when a sales rep registers on your site they can avail of the accommodation suppliers who have Opted-in for your Platform.


We are particular with who we Partner with – after all its also our reputation at stake and Partner Platforms will be limited – with agreements on a first come first served basis. We look forward to partnering with you.