About Us

We believe there is a better way to do business online through forming synergistic partnerships.

We created BookinEasy.com because we saw the need in the marketplace for an easy to use, socially committed, technologically advanced online booking system for both establishments and guests.

Guests want to get the best price and maximum value out of their stay, we believe they also want to know that their “Vote” to stay at an establishment is adding value to the establishment. BookinEasy form key partnerships with local tourism offices to develop and help run Partner Platforms that ensure that commission from bookings is redistributed within the community helping to better market the towns and cities and build a more sustainable tourism destination.

Accommodation Suppliers want to secure bookings from guests who can appreciate what they have created. They want to know there will not be any double booking issues, they want to expose their offering to as wide an audience as possible, they want more control over the types of guests they accept, they want to minimise their costs on commissions and transaction fees, view bookings and booking enquiries and reports, they care about their towns and cities and know that properly marketed they will see more guests and bookings.

Tourism Office Partners want to be able to serve their members and guests who walk into the office/ branch, they want a booking system that looks like their brand they can help guests make bookings on, help their members get listed on and know it shows real-time availability. They want to generate a sustainable income that can be used for operations and destination marketing. They want to know how effective they have been, how many bookings have come through the platform and what commission is due, they want to have insight into the guests, where they come from and where they are staying and for how long. Which establishments are doing well and which need help to improve their offering.

Special Tour Operator Partners want to get on with marketing and promoting their unique offering, safe in the knowledge that they have a flexible system that can be shaped to meet their requirements, that it’s easy for Accommodation Suppliers to “Opt-in” for and that the commission and reporting are all available to see how effective they have been. They want to be able to better serve their members, which they can do with the insight they gain from the system over which are performing best and others not – so they can give advice on how things can be improved.

We created BookinEasy, because we want to build the world’s best online booking engine and make the world a better place in so doing.